We list below our terms and conditions pertaining to any tour with Off To Ride. Request you to kindly go through them and revert to us for any clarifications.

When you make a booking with OFF TO RIDE, you (the rider/pillion/customer) will come into an agreement with OFF TO RIDE, in conjunction with the terms and conditions laid out below and signed.


We are more than happy to welcome you on our motorcycle expeditions. Our team will ensure your safety, comfort, bikes, food and accommodation. A memorable motorcycle tour with us is a guarantee. Your tours are not only guided by a professional motorcycle crew, but by passionate motorcycle enthusiasts who love what they are doing. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

  • You participate in a tour with OFF TO RIDE knowing that motorcycle touring in Asia (Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Sri Lanka) involves a certain amount of risk. The security and safe control of your motorcycle while riding is entirely your responsibility
  • Please ensure that you are medically sound and that all precautionary measures have been taken for such a motorcycle tour
  • The Rider is required to have at least some riding experience and is expected to ride with skill, care and confidence. Although our mechanics maintain the motorcycles regularly, riders are responsible for the safety of their motorcycles
  • At our discretion, any rider seen taking unnecessary risks en-route will have their journey terminated. Your safety is our primary concern
  • Please conform to the traffic laws and regulations of each region, since the Rider will be solely responsible for their own fines, should they occur
  • The Rider / Pillion is responsible for his / her own riding gears and equipment
  • The Rider is fully responsible for the safety of the Pillion travelling along
  • The following documents are compulsory and fall entirely under the Riders responsibility:
    • A valid Motorcycle Licence
    • A valid International Driving Permit (for Riders only)
    • A valid travel insurance policy which covers your personal health, repatriation, and belongings and covers you for riding a large-capacity motorcycle
  • Supplementary Documents – In addition to the required documents, it is always advisable to bring the following documents with you
    • Spare Passport sized photographs, for Permits and SIM card purchases
    • Photocopies of your Passport and Visa page
    • Important telephone numbers e.g. Credit Card Company contact number (in case of loss or theft)
    • Medical insurance, if not sufficiently covered by your travel insurance


  • 50% of the payment has to be made within 7 days of booking the tour and the rest 2 – 5 months before the commencement of the tour depending on the location chosen
  • A refundable deposit might be required in some cases depending on the location of the travel
  • Once payment is made, the booking confirmation will be sent with all the details of the tour
  • Any bank charges will have to be borne by the Rider / Pillion

  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so in writing via email
  • If your cancellation is received:
    • within 1 month of the trip start – 0% of the entire package cost will be returned to you
    • 1 – 3 months prior to the trip start – 50% of the package cost will be returned to you
    • 3 – 5 months prior to the trip start – 70% of the package cost will be returned to you
    • more than 5 months prior to the trip start – 90% of the deposit will be returned to you
    • Please allow a processing time of 2 – 3 weeks for the refund
    • No refunds are given if the tour is terminated early due to fitness issues, dismissal from the tour, or any other reason where the rider is responsible
    • Any cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions, natural calamities, road closure/ blockage or any reasons beyond our control, refund would not be possible. However OFF TO RIDE will try and compensate the customer to the extent possible
    • The cancellation terms will be solely at the discretion of OFF TO RIDE


  • In case for any reason there are less number of people for any specific tour, OFF TO RIDE reserves the right to call off the tour or make appropriate changes which will be communicated to the group well in advance
  • In case of any unforeseen weather conditions, political restrictions, bad weather, road closure / blockage or any natural calamity or conditions beyond our control, OFF TO RIDE reserves the right to alter the route or take a detour or provide any suitable alternative. Any additional expenses incurred due to the above will be borne by the Rider / Pillion

  • We are very conscious about food and would provide hygienic cuisine on our motorbike tours
  • Most of our packages will include breakfast and dinner at the place of stay
  • Should you have any special requirements e.g. vegetarian or food allergies, please discuss this with us in advance, so we can arrange accordingly
  • Water bottles are always provided by the backup vehicle during road trips
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited before and during riding time and at high-altitude places


  • The motorcycles are insured under Third Party as per legal requirements, but this does NOT cover everything. Accidents involving any humans, animals or vehicles (including our motorcycles) are not covered
  • A safety refundable deposit of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 is required as a prerequisite prior to the start of the tour. Damages to the motorcycle are entirely the responsibility of the Rider and should the damages exceed the amount of the safety deposit, OFF TO RIDE reserves the right to claim the costs from the Rider separately. If no damages are incurred your cash deposit will be returned


  • Wearing protective clothing including a helmet, riding jacket with CE certified protectors, gloves and knee guards/pants at all times while riding is compulsory
  • You the Rider and/or Pillion are responsible for necessary travel and medical insurance which covers your personal health and belongings OFF TO RIDE or its partner cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss
  • You should have a travel insurance policy that is sufficient for your personal health / medicinal needs and covers hospitalisation or repatriation


  • We reserve the right to remove you from the Tour without notice and refund, should your behaviour in our opinion:
    • Cause annoyance, distress or danger to others in the group or anyone with whom we come in contact during the tour
    • Cause undue damage to motorcycles or places in which we stay
    • Behaves/speaks in a racist manner


The Rider / Pillion agrees to be responsible for their own welfare and assume all of the above including known and unknown risks.

The Rider / Pillion or his/her families in consideration of the permission granted to take the tour agrees to waive, release and forever discharge OFF TO RIDE, its partners and its team from any form of claims, demands and causes of action of any kind, resulting from or arising out of the tour related to the motorcycle, acts of nature, acts of god, or any other cause


The Rider / Pillion fully understands that riding a motorcycle is an activity that has its own inherent risks, notwithstanding the condition of the motorcycle and that serious injury or death may occur and acknowledges that he/she voluntarily chooses to do so on his / her own.

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